Tripada Haus Für Kinder - A Home

The philosophy of Tripada Haus Fur kinder pivots on the pedagogical thought that young children learn best through prepared environments with activity oriented teaching aids, mixed age groups and well trained educators. Our children carry this journey with joy, peace, independence love and care.

Our programs distinguishes itself in its hands-on, engaging methods with practical approach and experiential learning. The breadth of the curriculum offered, brings out the innate ability of each child studying with us. Our children, staff and the environment are the reflection of our philosophy.

Play Group

This group experiences the first year of their school life, where these youngest learners get prepared to explore the learning environment beside their home.


They are our young curious mind experiencing an extended learning of Younger Group which allows them to connect to learning environment via numerous activities.


Our Middle group programs lay equal emphasis on developing thinking skills, physical abilities, emotional quotients and setting in right routines for our preschoolers.


Our older groups are those senior kids who by then have attained the maturity to face the school life.

Montessori a Philosophy, Method of Education

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