Teachers as Transformers

Posted by Wonder World Preschool | 04/06/2015

Respected Pratiksha Ma'am, thank you for conducting this workshop "Teachers as Transformers" we as an preprimary educators can really lay strong foundation and transform the world of our students. Eagerly waiting for the one year course announcement from your end.

Montessori Training

Posted by DPS - Satellite | 12/05/2015

Thank you team Tripada, and a big thank you to Zarin Aunty for conducting the workshop on Montessori Training.

Tripada Haus Fur Kinder

Posted by Tanu Sethi Sheth | 12/08/2015

Kindly note with due respect to the high court decision, Tripada Haus Fur Kinder (THK) ensures that admission to Toddler and Younger Group are not the part of formal schooling but is an activity based education which helps the little preschoolers to know their innate abilities and learn in an appropriate manner. This helps little Tripadites to get prepared for the formal school education in a better way