The Play-way method conceived by Friedrich Froebel, who is considered to be the father of Kindergarten method, advocates that play is the work of the children. It is the purest and natural form what children study at this stage.

This has proven to be the most desirable method of learning for children. Our environment at THK makes it fun loving filled with aids to learn numeracy, language, general knowledge, conversational skills and free play. The curriculum offers higher level of thinking through exploration and guided play.





This program is meant for the age group of 2 years to 3 years. This year is a stepping stone towards the preschool. Children at this age are learning to know their senses and our monthly theme based activities helped them to stimulate their inner self sensorial sense and discover their cognitive, language and motor skills.




This program is meant for the age group of 3 years. This year children work on their essential skills like pre reading, pre writing, pre math, science and social skills. The curriculum designed is such a way it encourages curiosity and self learning. The program is also accompanied by the art, music, dramatics, circle time and free play.




This program starts at the age group of 3.6 years to 4.6 years. The child attains the little sense responsibility of being in school by this age. Children along with experiential learning promotes language development and numeracy skills and General Knowledge.




This program starts at the age group of 4.6 years to 5.6 years. The child by this age is well transitioned for the main stream school. Children are exposed towards the three letter words to small sentences. Complex subjects like Math are taught using a child-centric approach, considering individual capacities and capabilities. The curriculum covers reading, language skills, arts, numerical skills, general awareness and environment.