Studies in past have shown that preschools aid a child’s development and students who have attended preschools have a better graduation rate than those who have not attended preschool. Researches also suggest that students who attend preschools are unlikely to be put into special education schemes. We strive to deliver the reflection of future education, social and culture to our tiny Tripadites. Our students reflect independence, problem solving, logical thinking and decision making.

Our learning programs are based on the age wise child development and free from assessment as we believe that each child is unique. By the end of the preschool program our students are ready to recognize their innate skills and are ready to sharpen it through formal schooling.

We are committed to bring the highest quality of early childhood education and child care for your child. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s growth and development.


-Team Tripada Haus fur Kinder