Our ideology is our strength, we strongly empower our environment with our culture and values which are based on Dr. Maria Montessori's teaching methodology. We follow the theories put across by Madame Montessori. The approach with Tripada Haus Fur Kinder lies in

Being Empathetic: "Empathy" the most important component of Emotional intelligence, and we believe this to be the most important social skill to be developed among children


Being a Happy Parent: We believe that the sign of happy parenting is not the child's behavior but the parents behavior; "Balmurthy" and "Talking Parrot" are our two publications in Gujarati and English respectively which goes to parents and staff for tips on handling small children, managing emotional quotient and other social skills for the child.


Being a Healthy Child: A healthy minds play better and one who plays better learns better. Tripada Haus Fur Kinder has the tie up with pediatricians campus wise and we conduct health check up drives and if need arise we call the parents for counseling for health advise needed for their children

Being Child-focused: All our activities are based on Maria Montessori methodology hence the play and work spaces and materials are designed and delivered in a way that child reflects independence and is happy to perform and learn while playing. We foster all aspects of children’s growth and development including problem-solving skills, empathy and respect, independence, language, social development, self-esteem and confidence.

Our preschool environments reflects

Activity based Teaching • Distributor of Teaching Aids
• Trained teachers • Teachers' Training Institute
• Safe and fun-filled environment                                                                 • Presence across urban, semi- urban areas